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Overdenking van zondag 25 oktober (in engels)

Art is like music it can speak to you on different levels and can reveal different things to different people . It can reveal different things to you at different times, depending on your mood and your thoughts.

Many artists are trying to say or express something through their art.

All artists want you to have a response to their art. Positive, negative, emotional , intellectual , spiritual . It does not matter as long as there is a response.

Take a look at this picture of a lady praying. There are so many things being illustrated in this painting, so much symbolism , but it is up to you to interpret it as you like .

There she kneels on her own , in seclusion , away from the busyness of her life. Part forrest, part cathedral, part sunlight , part shadow, part veil , part misty . It has an ethereal feel to it. Showing us how we live in a material world ,yet also a spiritual world. It is as if the arch is the doorway into kingdom of heaven.

It is as if the beams of sun light is the Holy Spirit breaking through the shadows of her life, to bring illumination. Bringing warmth and fellowship to the lady as she prays with prayer .

Spend a few moments looking at this picture , meditate on the Bible verse , what is the Lord saying to you ?

Song of Deborah ( Judges 5 )

I, even I , will sing to the Lord , I will praise the Lord…..wake up , wake up, Deborah , wake up , wake up, break out in song, arise !

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